[author life] highlight reel

What’s rocked my frock this week…

gab and hayley

1. Meeting Girlfriend magazine’s THE INTERN/HarperCollins competition winner, Hayley, who is a lovely, talented and passionate mag-journo-in-the making (as well as a fellow Gleek, Harry Potter and Hunger Games tragic).

Not only did Hayley interview me for Girlfriend magazine with some seriously fantastic questions but we realised we have the same taste in, well, everything. From chin-wagging about Catching Fire and swooning over Lea Michele, to confessing my writing habits and spilling secrets about THE INTERN (coming Feb 1, 2014), this was one author chat I didn’t want to end – even though it did feel a little strange being interviewed! Stay tuned for her interview with me in the March issue of Girlfriend magazine.


2. Announcing that HarperCollins have sold the German translation world rights to THE INTERN, which is beyond anything I could have hoped/dreamed/begged for.

This highlight still hasn’t set in and probably won’t until I receive my very own copy of THE INTERN translated into German in 2015. Let’s just say I’ve spent an embarrassing number of hours on Google this week translating sections of the book to see how it will look (and read) in German. Excited, who me? Oh, and as I’ve previously mentioned, Mum is pushing for a German book tour (so she can tag along as my plus one). Well, now that she’s retiring in a week, she’s also in the market for a  holiday to France, Italy, the US and the UK, so if any other overseas publishing companies want to drop me a line about those translation rights, you know where to find me… I kid, I kid! Read more about my German publishing news here.


mARK QUOTE FINAL3. The great feedback to the first post for Bottom Rung, my new online hub that shares expert advice on how to get your big break (and move up the ladder).

Backyard Ashes director and co-writer Mark Grentell was kind enough to kick things off for me, with fantastic gems like “The secret to standing out as an intern? Reliability, passion and energy” and “Often it’s the worst jobs that teach you the most or lead to the best future opportunities” (yes, definitely memorise both of those are they’re career-making gold). Stay tuned because I have some cracking profiles coming up, including chats with a magazine features editor, a TV reporter, a journalist-turned-TV-producer, a radio host, a fashion designer and a beauty editor/ambassador, just to name a few! Watching this space for more Bottom Rung profiles, coming soon.


*Not really. What can I say? Mum’s super keen for that holiday.