Freelance Queries / FAQs

Would you like to work for/with me? What are your rates?
Maybe! I’d love to hear more so please get in touch via my Contact page with details so I can provide you with a personalised quote.

Where are you based?
I live in Sydney, Australia, but work for clients around the country and am happy to travel to your office, library or school if required. (Please note travel costs will apply.)

What are your qualifications?
I've been clocking up freelance-writing bylines since 2003. I also have 11 years of sub-editing experience (including a combined four years as a chief sub-editor), as well as four years working as a copywriter with various brands, agencies and small-to-medium businesses. More recently, I've also been dabbling in social media and speaking work for clients, organisations and festivals in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Wagga Wagga, Newcastle, Canberra and Bendigo. Plus, I write books for HarperCollins with heart, funnies and feelings, so I know my way around a tight deadline and a long word count. I have a Bachelor of Communication from the University of Canberra, where I won the Gordon Burgoyne Memorial Prize (for journalism) and the Co-op Bookshop Prize (for creative writing), so I'm a word nerd from way back.

Can I send you a product to review?
Absolutely, but I can’t make any promises that it will be used. Get in touch via my Contact page if you’d like to discuss further.

Aspiring Authors / FAQs

Can I ask you something about writing and editing books?
Of course. Say hello via my Contact page or swing past my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@gabrielletozer) – I’m ALWAYS talking about writing and editing there (usually when I'm supposed to be writing).

I’m an unpublished author – will you give me feedback on my first draft?
While I would love to – in fact, I would love to read all the manuscripts in all the lands in all the world – unfortunately I barely have the time to work on my own at the moment, so I don’t have time to give anyone else feedback. If you are serious about trying to get published, I would recommend joining a critique group, asking a trusted writer friend or even paying for a manuscript assessment.

I have an idea for a book – what should I do?
Write it, silly! Then edit it. Edit it some more. Oh, and edit it again. Let it rest. Read it. Ask someone else to read it and give feedback. Edit it a wee more. If you still love it after doing all that, then look into getting an agent or pitching it to a publisher. Happy writing!

Can you get me a book deal?
Erm… no. But I'm working on a secret magic potion to help every unpublished writer score an elusive book deal, so stay tuned…

How do you find time to write a book?
I don't. I make the time. Sometimes. And sometimes I just drink tea and watch Netflix.

Fun Stuff / FAQs

When will your book be turned into a movie or television series?
Good question! I’m still waiting for HBO or DreamWorks to pick up the phone…

Would you like to be the ambassador for our company?*
If your company is called kikki.K, Typo, Officeworks, Netflix, Stan, Lindt or Cadbury, then hell yes. Please, please contact me here so we can be best friends.

*Okay, so I haven’t been asked that one – I just really want a lifetime supply of stationery and chocolate that never runs out.