[news] Jungs, ich habe aufregende Neuigkeiten

Jungs, ich habe aufregende Neuigkeiten! 

Oh, wait… let me translate that into English: “You guys, I have exciting news!” 

Hold onto your lederhosen and dirndl: I am beside myself/wetting my pants/thrilled to announce my wonderful HarperCollins team are selling the German world translation rights to THE INTERN! 

Yes, THE INTERN is due to be translated into German and published throughout parts of Europe in 2015, thanks to Random House Germany. My debut 336-page tome and beautiful little monochrome cover-girl (protagonist Josie ‘Brown Pants’ Browning)  is off on her first Eurotrip!

Mum’s already pushing for a European book tour so she can tag along as my plus-one. In the meantime, only two months to go until THE INTERN hits stores and Kindles in Australia – meep! You can add it on Goodreads here.

Dank für Ihre Unterstützung mal tausend!*


PS: I think eating my body weight in pretzels and German sausage with my uni crew at Canberra Oktoberfest 2013 has paid off in the karma stakes. PROST!

*That means “Thanks for your support x 1000′ in German. I’m totally fluent now. 

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