faking it

In the sequel to her debut novel The Intern, journalist Gabrielle Tozer takes another cheeky look at the behind-the-scenes antics of the glossy fashion magazine industry. With the glamorous Sash magazine now defunct, former intern Josie Browning has landed a job as a junior writer for website indi.

Handling the pressure to plan the perfect website launch would be challenging for anyone. But when you’re already dealing with flatmates and frenemies, you definitely don’t stand a chance. Will Josie be able to fake it till she makes it? Or will a misunderstanding at a media junket ruin her reputation, love life and career forever?

“Entering adulthood is tough and Tozer nails the feelings of fraud, phoniness and faking it. Two books in and Josie Browning is still the awkward hero you can’t not root for. You’ll laugh, you’ll squirm, you’ll thank god 18 didn’t last forever.”

Mel Evans, Cosmopolitan