melody trumpet

Melody Trumpet was never supposed to be ordinary.

As the daughter of famous musicians she was supposed to be extraordinary. A musical genius to carry on the Trumpet legacy. But, as was discovered when Melody screamed her first out-of-tune note as a baby, wishes don't always come true.

Ten years later, the Trumpets are still hiding a secret so big that it threatens to destroy their reputations as iconic musical visionaries: their daughter can't sing or play any instruments. Not even the triangle.

Ages 8+

Out early 2019.

"Our students almost demanded we bring Gabby in for an Author Day after meeting her at a writers’ festival excursion. Once the same students found out we had been able to book her for the day, they were beyond excited! The day itself was absolutely fantastic. The creative writing pieces the students came up with were of a fantastic quality and it was a very enriching day that fits well in to the syllabus and social/personal capabilities. Seeing the students so inspired was incredibly rewarding for all involved. I highly recommend Gabby for any school visit."

Chifley College Shalvey Campus