[news] next ya book out in 2017

11707602_1190841790941401_810646062658994695_nThe fringe and I have some exciting news to announce… my third novel will be released in early 2017! 

Things I can tell you:
– I signed the contract this week, so it’s finally official. Meep!
– Yes, it’s YA contemporary #loveozya;
– My faves at HarperCollins Books Australia / Between the Covers / HarperCollins Children’s Books will be publishing it;
– No, it’s not another Josie Browning adventure (although, if you want more JB in your life, tell HarperCollins, go on!);
– Yep, this means new characters, new worlds, new everything;
– Stay tuned for more details (title, synopsis etc);
– I am going to need a lot of chocolate to hit this deadline;
– I couldn’t have done it without your support, so thank you – and bring on the next roller-coaster!
– I really, REALLY need a haircut.
– Did I mention you legends helped make this happen? YOU ROCK MY WORLD!
Much love, Gx