[podcast] writer in residence + ep 10 of 'so you want to be a writer'


Wonder what it’s like to be an author? Check out episode 10 of The Writers’ Centre’s podcast ‘So You Want To Be A Writer’.

This week, it’s an in-depth look into my writing process and how I took The Intern from my imagination to publication. Check it out here (I’m on from 24 minutes) and pass this podcast onto any aspiring writers as it’s chock-full of tips and advice every week!

PS: I’ve re-checked my editing timeline and it took me five months to write the first draft of The Intern and five months of self-editing (not a year of self-editing, oops! Time for a holiday!).

PPS: Also, there is a great writer profile via The Writers’ Centre, so if you fancy a read then click here.

PPPS: Heard the podcast and now want to check out my book? Stockists are here – happy reading!