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Welcome to the ultimate hub for expert advice to help you get your big break (+ move up the ladder). This week I’m hanging out on The Bottom Rung with…

413739_10152373856210061_498732153_oGIUSEPPE SANTAMARIA, 28 – art director, photographer and fashion blogger

Climbing the ladder

Then: After graduating from Humber College in Toronto with an advertising and graphic design degree, Giuseppe interned at various magazines including V magazine in New York City.

Now: Based in Sydney, Giuseppe is an art director, lifestyle/street photographer and fashion blogger. He has also founded the websites Men in This Town and Women in This Town and his debut book is due out this year.

Here is Giuseppe’s advice on how to make it big in the design, fashion and photography world…

Don’t let your work become stale
The best advice I’ve received is to stay open to learning new things and never act like you know it all.

Have no regrets
I worked for a variety of magazines, some I liked and some not so much. But I gained great experience in every role.

Stand out
Be positive and excited about everything you’re asked to do, even if you’re not – it will get you noticed.

Put yourself first
I worked at a magazine with really negative energy and it was difficult to stay motivated. No job is worth it if it affects your mental health.

GFocus on the perks
The best thing about interning is being in an environment that you can only dream about and then actually living it. Unpaid internships are something you have to do but don’t stay longer than six months.

Move with the times
Keep up with new technology (otherwise you’ll be left behind).

Create your own side projects
Get your work out on a blog or self-produce ‘real work’ that shows how passionate and motivated you are. Creating for yourself and other projects is important, as it keeps your brain creative (even when your day job mighn’t!).

Thanks again to Giuseppe for sharing his advice! If you’d love to find out more, say hello on Twitter, on Facebook or on his website.

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