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DSC_2647-Edit (1064 x 708) (532 x 354)Dom Alessio, 30 – Host of Triple J’s Australian music show, Home & Hosed

Climbing the ladder

Then: After four years of studying psychology, Dom decided it wasn’t the right career path for him and began working as a music journalist for The Brag Magazine. While he was writing, he also volunteered at Sydney’s FBi Radio, hosting their Sydney music show, The Bridge, once a week.

Now: Dom is now living his dream as an Australian radio personality, journalist and blogger. He is best known as the popular host of Triple J’s Home & Hosed which airs Monday – Thursday from 9pm.

Dreamed about hosting your own radio show? Enjoy Dom’s top five snippets of advice for surviving the radio industry…

#1 Any experience is good experience
Thankfully I’ve never had to do anything really awful career-wise. But when I first moved into the city, I didn’t have a job and used to write for a community newspaper. It was boring at times, but it also taught me to write about anything, which has come in handy over the years.

#2 Dream jobs can come true (thanks to hard work!)
I feel like all my hard work, freelancing and volunteer work definitely led me to my job at triple j (which I love!), so I’m pretty happy with the career decisions I made. I get to interview bands – and get paid for it – so I can’t complain.

#3 Acknowledge the talent around you
I’ve had plenty of great editors, mentors and friends who helped me in my early days, especially Jess Scully, Kirsty Brown and Marcus Teague. I have to give them props!

#4 Know your worth
I volunteered for FBi Radio and I did some writing for free in the early days and, while it does give you valuable experience and a foot in the door, you hit a point where you need to realise your value and when your time is worth more than zero dollars or more than just “exposure”.

Bottom Rung#5 Don’t give up
There are lots of websites and street press magazines that’ll give you a chance if you want to be a writer. Or, if you want to get into radio, there are plenty of community radio stations where you can volunteer. Don’t give up! Even when I was in my apartment with the fly screens falling off the windows, staring at the baby-poo-coloured carpet and being paid below minimum wage, I loved the work and stayed focus on the dream. I had faith that something better (and better paying) would come along and, after putting in the hard yards, it eventually did. I still can’t believe I listen to music every day for a job.

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