[author life] the sydney montessori literature festival

photo (640 x 640)What a day, what a day!

I’ve had a lovely time talking about The Intern, writing and magazines at the Sydney Montessori Literature Festival.

The main highlights include meeting a writing idol (hello, Morris Gleitzman!), surprising two of my session’s guests with free copies of The Intern for being ‘amazing journos for the day’ and receiving a sweet thank-you card.

Bonus highlight (not festival-related): my amazing book publisher calling me before my author talk to say she loves the draft of my second novel, which is the sequel to The Intern. Yahoo! *pops some bubbly then sleeps for a year*

Second bonus: my little second cousin emailing to say she might want to be an author when she grows up. Ah! She even called herself my ‘mini me’. Oh, my aching heart! So cute, so sweet.

Hope your day has been just as delicious, dear friends.