[author life] THE INTERN by numbers*

Sure, I needed a maths tutor in Year 11, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know my way around a stat or two, especially when it comes to writing…

16,000+ The number of times I’ve tweeted when I should have been working on THE INTERN. Or sleeping. Or seeing friends. Or eating something other than a large KFC chips with extra chicken salt.

89* The number of times I saved my manuscript word document per minute to avoid losing anything.

4 The number of red pens I alternated between during the editing process (I don’t want to play favourites).

100+ The number of times I felt guilty for missing a party, or weekend away, or dinner, or drink, or coffee, or eyebrow wax, or wedgie-picking because I was writing/editing/fretting over my books.

1 The number of husbands I tricked into marrying me – and tricked into proofreading the second draft of THE INTERN – during this roller-coaster.

75,000+ The number of words in the final version of THE INTERN – they were feisty little buggers who proved their worth. Definite display of survival of the fittest.

13,000+ The number of words who were maimed, murdered or went missing during the editing of THE INTERN. May they rest in peace.

2.5 The number of weeks it took me to binge-watch the entire series of Parks and Recreation when I was supposed to be writing the sequel.

5** The number of times I devoured takeaway chicken pad siew during those two weeks.

30+ The number of distressed/excited emails Sarah Ayoub and I swapped during the past few years as we stumbled through the crazy maze of publishing.

5** The number of large Hawaiian pizzas I want to eat right now.

3 The number of people I definitely know will read THE INTERN (Hi JT, Mum and Dad!).

To infinity and beyond The number of people I hope will read THE INTERN.

0 The number of emails I’ve received from kikki.K asking me to be their new brand ambassador. It’s alright, though, I’m just hanging by the phone, waiting to hear some good news…

37 The number of minutes I’ve used writing and editing this post (and tweeting, of course) when I should have been editing the sequel.

15** The number of times I think to myself each day, “Lady, your friends/family/people/booky-wooky supporters are highly attractive human-types and you’re mighty lucky to have them along for the ride.” So, thank you. Yes, you.

Okay, enough numbers talk for today – unless we’re talking about the number of episodes of Survivor I can squeeze in before the day is through.

*All statistics are estimations from the very scientific Gabrielle Tozer School of Made-up Stuff and Other Awesomesauceness.

**Kidding. It’s probably closer to 100. Yes, this disclaimer is relevant to ALL THE THINGS.

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