[author life] blog hop: where did the character of josie browning come from?


Where did the character of Josie Browning come from?

Why hello! It’s been a long time between blog posts (although, I have been keeping my instagram @gabrielletozer, Twitter @gabrielletozer and Facebook facebook.com/hellogabrielletozer up-to-date!).

The lovely and uber-talented YA and children’s author Tristan Bancks has tagged me in a character blog hop (meet his character Tom Weekly over here). So, here we go!

Maybe you know a thing or two about Josie, my main character from THE INTERN and FAKING IT, maybe you don’t. Either way, you might discover something new (or it might inspire you to find out more by reading the books, possibly/potentially/hopefully).

Let’s blog hop!

What is your character’s name?
Josie Browning. Her nicknames include Jose, JB, J-Bird, J, Josie B and the less common Brown Pants (although, luckily for her sake that nickname – which stemmed from an unfortunate liquorice incident – fell away after high school).

GT-51-EditIs Josie based on you?
No! Yes. Maybe. Sort of. OK, let’s try that again. Parts of Josie are based on me – she’s an aspiring writer, she travels to the city to pursue her dreams and she’s full of nerves. That side of things, as well as her love of Hawaiian pizza, is spot-on. But as I began writing, Josie took on a life of her own and she gets up to all sorts of marvellous, awkward and wonderful things that I have never experienced. There’s definitely a connection between me and her, though. That’s for sure.

How old is Josie?
At the start of THE INTERN, she’s 17 years old, but celebrates her 18th birthday (with disastrous results) during the book. In FAKING IT, she is still 18 and in her second-year of studying journalism at university.

What should we know about Josie?
Josie’s a dreamer, goal-setter and an over-thinker – she’s often so busy trying to “keep up appearances” with those around her, that she gets herself into all sorts of tricky situations. But, most of all, she’s kind, a bit daggy but fun, with a huge heart. Because of this, she attracts all sorts of vivacious and interesting people, who can’t help but appreciate her down-to-earth, dorkier side. At high school, she had one best friend, Angel, and struggled to meet guys due to her nerves and geeky reputation. But school’s out and she’s finally getting to know herself – and tackling crushes, first loves and everything in between! Family is also important to her, especially her mum and little sister Kat. Oh, and she loves Hawaiian pizza with a passion.

pizza03What are Josie’s personal goals?
She dreams of becoming a writer – and a damn good one at that – which is a goal we see her pursue in THE INTERN and FAKING IT. On the personal front, she’s trying to muddle her way through the murky waters of attracting guys’ attention for the first time, but she craves something real, and true, and fun, and sweet (which isn’t always what she stumbles across). She also wants a happy home life for her mum – without spoiling too much from the books, things at home have gone through some dark times and all Josie wants is to see her mum’s mood lift.

Where can we find out more about the books?
Around my website (explore!), Twitter and Instagram (head to @gabrielletozer), Facebook (facebook.com/hellogabrielletozer) and Goodreads. Come say hello sometime – distractions are always welcome!