[writing] a love letter to my mama

10426689_1130521683640079_4220231088896354052_nMy little Nettie,

Happy Mother’s Day!

Before we begin, maybe ask Dad to bring you a Kleenex – I know what you’re like, well, what we’re all like in this family, and it’s best to be prepared. Ready? I’ll get one, too. Let’s do this…

I was 19 when I first saw you as more than a mum. When I saw your true strength and kindness. When I stopped taking your love and care for granted.

That age mightn’t surprise you. It was the age when your life changed forever all those years ago, and your beautiful mum, who I never had the joy of meeting, but know I would have adored – passed away.

After taking those childhood blinkers off, a mix of sadness and guilt washed over me. I had two amazing parents who supported me in every way – who meant everything to me. I can’t imagine what you had to go through at the same age.

But nothing has ever held you back, not even the darkest of times. I’m older now, so I understand why: Mum, you’re one of the brightest stars in the galaxy and you never stop shining.

Not once have I heard you complain about your circumstances. Not once. Instead, you’ve channelled all your love, patience and passion into creating a safe, happy bubble for your own family. Your mum would be so proud of you. I sure am.

There’s no doubt about it: you’re the best, strongest woman I know – and a hoot to boot. You mirror the foxy Kath Day-Knight’s huffy-puffy adventures (Exhibit A: hula-hooping for an hour… nonstop!), and can swig a bubbly with the best of them. Plus, you’re the greatest Pictionary partner ever (despite the Christmas-Incident-Of-2014-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named).

We talk often, but I don’t say it enough: you’re the most spectacular mum anyone could ask for. Friends feel blessed because you’ve handpicked them to join in the fun, and look at me – swooping in with VIP access!

You’re braver and wiser than you’d ever give yourself credit for, know your way around a Christmas-table setting and support everyone’s dreams without hesitation. I love you like crazy, even if you’re prone to leaving awkward comments on Facebook.

Mama-bear, I could fill a novel with all the ways you light up my world – and who knows, maybe I will – but for now, just know you’re loved and appreciated every second of every day.

♡ Gab xx

PS: Celine Dion sing-alongs, musicals, fierce haircuts, emojis, cheesy quotes and Moet, always.

An extract of this letter was first published in Cosmopolitan Australia Magazine, May 2015 issue.