Peas and Quiet

"This whimsical, heartfelt and quirky tale was a magical experience to write – without a doubt, the most blissed-out drafting process of my career to date.

The manuscript is still with my spectacular illustrator Sue deGennaro, who is bringing my wacky, funny and sweet little characters of Pip and Pop to life. I've seen very early drafts of PEAS AND QUIET and they're a hoot! Lively, joyous, full of warmth... just how I'd imagined them. From now, I'll stay out of the way and leave Sue, Pip and Pop to play on the page some more together.

Once again, I am beyond thrilled to share my first picture book PEAS AND QUIET with you all in 2017 and will reveal lovely things like covers and teaser illustrations the moment I'm given the thumbs-up from HarperCollins."

"...Gabby exudes a love for the written word – she gets up at dawn, a challenging thing especially on a winter morning, to work on her novels. Like I said, amazing…”

Martine Allars, author of The Littlest Witch